Whitey Bulger Helps Out the New York Post

Aside from being a despicable murderous thug, Whitey Bulger seems like he was a pretty decent neighbor out in Santa Monica. He gave one woman a flashlight so she wouldn’t have to walk in the dark and helped another install locks on her windows (because you never know who might be living in your neighborhood, right?). Well, this weekend he did one more person a favor: Rupert Murdoch. Or the New York Post, anyway.

On Friday night, the New York Senate passed a bill legalizing gay marriage, clearing the way for Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign it into law. Obviously, it was a historic event. Judging from Saturday’s New York Post, though, you would have been hard pressed to know it. Murdoch’s conservative tab gave a routine police rescue top billing instead:

This, of course, did not go unnoticed. Dedicating the front page to a story so run-of-the-mill was beyond absurd. On Sunday, though, while the Post’s curious downplaying of the gay marriage law continued, they did at least have some pretty legitimate news to plaster on their front page. The paper ran a story on how Whitey went to visit Alcatraz shortly after fleeing Boston, complete with a too surreal to be true photo of Bulger and his then girlfriend Theresa Stanley playfully posing in one of those “behind bars” tourist shots.

So think of it as just another small kindness from Whitey: thanks to him, the New York Post appeared to be marginally less ridiculous on Sunday than it did on Saturday. It also gave the tabloid yet another opportunity to make a pun on the male anatomy. Clearly, they miss Anthony Weiner.

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