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DiMasi Who? Judge to Consider Freezing Pension of Former Speaker. Remember the guy who did that illegal thing before they found Whitey Bulger? Wasn’t he a politician? Or something? [Massdailynews.com]

NYT: It’s ‘High Time’ F.B.I. Sets Up Independent Oversight of Informants. The editors of the New York Times sum up Mark Wolf’s 661-page opinion from 1998 in 398 words. And we’re glad they did. [NYTimes.com]

Will Ortiz Return Help to Pull Sox Out of Interleague Hell? Yes, folks, “interleague hell” can be defined by coming up short in a best-of-three against the Pirates, then getting blanked by the Phils. Let’s hope Ortiz — and his “small legs” — will help get us out of here. Fast. [Philly.com]

Green Sector Training, Mostly for Hybrid-Vehicle Techs, Gets Boost. While we’re keeping our wallets closed for new cribs, we’re opening them for new (green) rides. [Masshightech.com]

New Film Documents Effects of 1970s Busing Riots on Minorities. Largely undocumented for years, a new, hour-long documentary that will be released this week explores the effects of the infamous riots on Boston’s minorities. [Fox News Latino]