Daily Feed: Boston Bruins Get B Average from ESPN Bloggers

Are Airport Scanners to Blame for Boston’s ‘Cancer Cluster’? Union reps claim that exposure from security scanners increases the risk for cancer risk in TSA agents. Until now, we thought being exposed to strangers in our full-frontal glory was bad enough. [TIME.com]

It’s a Good Thing These ESPN Hockey Bloggers Aren’t School Teachers. So far, the players average a B- for the whole season. Does winning the Stanley Cup count as bonus points? [ESPN.com]

DiMasi Asks for Acquittal and New Trial on Corruption Charges. Plus: A Superior Court judge ruled that the state can’t suspend his pension before he’s sentenced. [TheBostonChannel.com]

No Scorcese, But Instead, Twilight Actor Plans a Movie on Whitey Bulger. The two don’t play in the same bracket, let alone shoot at the same baskets. [IrishCentral.com]

Free Fun Fridays Kicks Off Tomorrow at the MFA. Free admission at the Museum of Fine Arts tomorrow and at other cultural attractions on Fridays through August 26. [EagleTribune.com]