Daily Feed: Fireworks Barge in Charles River Extinguished After Morning Fire

Fireworks Barge in Charles River Caught Fire; Quickly Extinguished. In all likeliness, a sightseer still stuck in traffic after last night’s festivities spotted the blaze this morning at 5 a.m., and the fire department extinguished the blaze in about one hour. [MyFoxBoston.com]

Blame (or Thank?) Coal from China for Global Cooling, BU Study Says. We’re not sure if we should blame or thank the Chinese, but either way, the conclusion is that they should burn more coal. [The Register]

Northeastern Psych Prof: Judging Bulger Depends on How We ‘Relate’ to Him. “How we judge a person’s character often has to do with how he ‘related’ to us,” says David DeSteno, associate professor of psychology at Northeastern. [Northeastern.edu]

David Ortiz Ranks No. 18 … on Top 25 Frowns in Sports Today. But it’s still not as offensive as A-Rod being named No. 1. [BleacherReport.com]

Jam-Packed and Rarely on Time: Recession Contributes to MBTA Woes. The T’s financial problems are shared by almost every transit system in the United States, according to the AP report. [SeattleTimes.com]