The Shortest Road to Paradise

Did you find yourself in hours-long traffic jams somewhere between home and fun this Fourth of July?

Some have found a better way: an article in yesterday’s New York Times tells about one Finnish couple’s getaway house just a 10-minute bike ride from their apartment. With such a short (and stress-free) commute, they get a whole weekend’s worth of relaxation, sans traffic. It’s a trend that’s catching on in New England, too. Maine photographer Lynn Karlin told me about her lakeside cabin located a scant 30 minutes from her abode (she gave up her first vacation home two hours away because she wasn’t getting enough bang for her buck).

Now Karlin enjoys frequent mini-vacations, sometimes stopping by mid-week for an hour or so to read or reboot. She says that many friends are doing the same and some have even built tiny escapes in their own backyards. Apparently, from across the lawn, life takes on new hues.