A Gratuitous Opportunity to Post the Izzy Alcantara Video

Baseball fights are always sort of disappointing, don’t you think? All too often the batter bull-rushes out to the mound, only to not really know what to do once he gets there.

Such was the case with David Ortiz this weekend, who got into it with Baltimore pitcher Kevin Gregg. When Papi actually got to Gregg, he sort of pulled up like he knew he was supposed to pop the O’s pitcher, but somehow didn’t really want to. Do you know who Ortiz could learn from? Izzy Alcantara, the former Sox future great (alas) and the most innovative mound rusher in the history of baseball. Playing for the PawSox, not only did he have the famous foresight to dropkick the catcher, but look at that haymaker! No indecision there. Of course, the punch missed, but maybe that was for the best.

(By the way, if you’re wondering if this blog post was just a totally gratuitous ploy to post the YouTube clips of Izzy Alcantara kicking the catcher, you are 100 percent correct.)

And here’s Papi’s effort. See, needs more dropkick and more haymaker.