Daily Feed: Feds Release Photos of Weapons, Cash Found in Bulger's Apartment

Feds Release Photos of Weapons, Cash Found in Bulger’s Apartment. Warning: These photos might raise your network administrator’s eyebrows if viewed from a public or work computer. [NECN.com]

Johnny Depp = Paul Revere in Upcoming, Still-Untitled Film. For an actor who’s brought a slew of iconic characters to life, it’s no surprise that Depp is working with the writers of “Batman Forever” on a film chronicling the 24-hour period surrounding Revere’s Midnight Ride. [MTV.com]

The Nature of Forgiving in Light of a Tragic Murder. Boston U. prof Charles Griswold, who’s studied the nature of forgiving, delves into Malcolm Astley, Nathaniel Fujita, and the philosophy of unconditional forgiveness when the inexplicable comes upon us. [BU.edu]

Driving a Boston Pedicab in Three Easy Steps. Step 1: Learn that the culture of “riding a tricycle is second to none.” Step 2: Accept tips-only compensation after renting a pedicab and working in the “transportainment business.” Step 3: Run. [SBNation.com]

Ortiz vs. Gregg: MLB to Decide Punishment as Smack Talking Continues. “We’re not scared of (the Red Sox),” Gregg said after refusing to apologize. “Them and their $180 million payroll, we don’t care.” Looks like the smack is more brutal than the fight itself. [Sports.Yahoo.com]