The New Northern Avenue

I had to look up to a street sign to know where I was for a moment, as I did not recognize the street.

Northern Avenue: home to Jimmy’s and Anthony’s Pier 4 and then the No Name.

But on this night, nothing looked familiar.

Jimmy’s is long gone, and in its place is the new Legal Seafood, Legal Harborside, three floors, with three different venues of waterfront dining. I found the food and service to be excellent.

I look forward to eating my way up this street of a hundred choices: a Mexican bistro, a Texas steakhouse, Jerry Remy’s sports bar, the Renaissance Hotel. I’m sure I missed a few.

This appears to be the new Boston. Delayed developments reportedly now are back on track. The harbor islands are enjoying new attention. The harbor itself has come a long way from the day G.W. Bush made hay with Michael Dukakis on his own waterfront. Since the overhead rails came down a few years ago, Boston got its waterfront back.

And for it, Boston is all the richer.


Marquee photograph by Emily Wilson