Skipped the Gym? Three Quickies for a Svelte Summer

It’s a familiar health refrain. Each spring, well-meaning Bostonians vow to whip themselves into shape by summer. Health clubs brim with new members. Attendance in yoga classes spikes. Runners and cyclists flock to the Charles River for fresh air and improved fitness.

Among other goals, we visualize ourselves in shorts or a swimsuit or as the guy in the bleachers at Fenway who paints a giant ‘S’ on his belly, nay, abs.

But, sometimes, we lose momentum. The gym gets boring. The Red Sox are playing, like, seven-hour-long games. We could just as easily wear a one-piece. It happens.

Fret not, friends! Instead of forgoing all attempts at improved fitness, try these three quick, efficient yoga-inspired exercises to have you feeling more svelte whether you’re in shorts, a swimsuit, or Red Sox Nation body paint.