Quentin Tarantino, You Can Bring Your Foot Fetish to Boston

Quentin Tarantino is a gossip columnist’s dream, mostly because he’s pretty kinky.

According to a leaked email a couple of weeks ago, an anonymous woman detailed her random hook-up with the famed director — a make-out session that ended when he asked to masturbate while sucking on her toes. Since these revelations, many bloggers (like Perez Hilton, Gawker, and this other hater) have scorned Tarantino, making it seem as if his foot fetish were more nightmarish than Reservoir Dogs.

But foot fetishes are plentiful and fun as heck, and you needn’t leave the Hub for proof. Boston boasts a New England Footnight, where attendees have fun with this widespread fetish, enjoying foot models in a celebratory atmosphere. The models say they enjoy all sorts of activities, from heel-biting and toe-sucking to sensual massage. Miss Lindsay, who organizes the New England event in Boston, says the evenings are cozy with relaxed laughter right from the start. She adds that many attendees don’t call themselves fetishists: “They’re just regular guys and girls who love to play with feet.”

Miss Lindsay then tells me her New England models are hot, so I ask if she’d invite Tarantino to suck on their toes. “One hundred and fifty percent!” she says.

There you have it, Quentin. You can bring your foot fetish to Boston.


Marquee photograph iStockphoto