Daily Feed: Wal-Mart Plans to Open Market in Not-So-Underserved Somerville

Wal-Mart Plans to Open Mid-Size Grocery Store in Somerville. Landing in an area not-so-underserved by grocery stores, Walmart Market will be the giant’s first grocery store in the Northeast. [Boston.com]

Coast Guard’s Eagle Makes Weekend Port of Call in Boston. The ship will be open for public tours starting at 1 p.m. today, tomorrow and Sunday. [NewsDay.com]

Mass. Gay Couples Warn New Yorkers: When The Honeymoon’s Over … Same-sex couples that can be married in New York beginning this weekend face a harsh reality after the champagne flutes click: benefits of their union are not be equal to those of married heterosexual couples, thanks to DOMA. [SLTrib.com]

Want Caviar and Truffles on Your Hot Dog? That’ll Be $80, Please. On Saturday, the Brockton Rox are launching what could set a Guinness record for the world’s most expensive hot dog. The half-pound, all-beef gutbuster gets treatments (truffle oil, porcini dust, crème fraiche, fresh roe) that don’t really belong in a baseball stadium. Ever. [PatriotLedger.com]

Binge-Eating Expected to be Named a Mental Disorder. The classification will make diagnosis and treatment easier for millions. So, about that $80 hot dog … [TheBostonChannel.com]


Marquee photograph via Walmart Stores/Flickr