Daily Feed: Boston Scientific Laying Off Hundreds Worldwide

Boston Scientific Expects to Lay Off Up to 1,400 Worldwide. The restructuring will save between $225-275 million annually — but is it a good move for the company, or is BoSci just heading even further down the road to ruin? [AP]

Hot Air Balloon Makes Emergency Landing on Mass. Turnpike. All seven people aboard were not injured, making us believe that whatever they covered in the obligatory “in-the-unlikely-event-of-a-water-landing-you-may-use-your-seat-as-floatation” session really did pay off. [TheBostonChannel.com]

9/11 Wrongful Death Trial Against United to Stay Focused on Specifics. “I don’t envision this trial as just a recitation of all that happened on 9/11 … We’re not here to try the FBI, the CIA and the FAA. We’re here to determine whether the airline and Huntleigh were negligent,” said U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein. [Reuters.com]

JetBlue Bundles 11 Destinations in Unlimited Airfare Package. The stops range from the desolate (Buffalo, N.Y.) to pack-my-bags (Bermuda). [CNBC.com]

Brewing the American Dream (Because Who Doesn’t Love a Little Patriotism?). We already knew that pretzels + beer = match made in heaven, but Boston Beer’s “Brewing the American Dream” micro-loan program will help to keep businesses afloat, like Boston Pretzel. We’ll drink to that. [EnterpriseNews.com]


Marquee photograph by Dave Parker/flickr