Daily Feed: Mass. Behavior Enables D.C.'s Bad Manners (?!)

To Understand the Bad Manners of D.C., Look No Further Than Mass. Our school board meetings and sports teams (no, scratch that, the Patriots’ draft of a single player: Hayesworth) enable the tolerance and celebration of uncooperative behavior and all-around poor manners in a city that’s 450 miles away. Looks like this writer needs to catch up on a few things … but especially football. [USNews.com]

Travelers ‘Face Israeli-Style’ Screening Practices Underway at Logan. Leave it to Fox News to be the one news outlet that compares the new — albeit sketchy — TSA screenings with Israel. [FoxNews.com]

How to Teach Kids Proper Online Etiquette for Breaking Up. A moderator wearing a T-shirt with the motto “Face it, Don’t Facebook It” certainly helps. [NYTimes.com]

Last Dance: Faces Nightclub Gets a Going-Away Party. Plans are in the works for one final night at Faces, either later this month or in early September. [Boston.com]

T Pressured to Rehire Drug-Using, Child Molesting, Assault-Prone Workers. Yes, that’s exactly what it needed, because it just wasn’t having quite enough trouble right now. We second Sen. Hedlund’s final quote, and even venture to suggest it may be just a little bit of a complete understatement. [Herald]

Bring the World Cup to Boston! Sometime in the next century (because we’re still upset that we lost out to Qatar in 2022). [TimesofIndia.com]


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