Daily Feed: Watch: Matt Damon Tells Off a Reporter and Cameraman in Support of Teachers

Matt Damon Rips a Reporter … and Cameraman … in Support of Teachers. So, the interview with the libertarian Reason.TV pretty much derailed after the reporter asked a dumb question, and the bald-headed Damon, who was with his mom (a schoolteacher), sounded off in support of non-lazy, hardworking teachers everywhere. [TIME]

Corporate Donor Gives $1M to Pro-Romney Group then Quickly Dissolves. The new report says Boston attorney Cameron Casey created and dissolved W Spann LLC in a matter of months, which makes the donation just a bit shady. [MSNBC.com]

Better BBall Courts Coming to Boston, Thanks to Red Bull and Rajon Rondo. Even though the high-caf, sugary beverage isn’t permitted for sale on city property; that’s OK, we’ll take the money. [DimeMag.com]

It’s Time to La La in San Francisco, Chicago, and Miami. Swanky daily deal site Rue La La, based in Boston, announced its plans to expand into the three markets by the end of the month, following rapid membership growth and the launch of local sites. [BostInnovation.com]

Small Mass. Beer Brewers Could Be Hit by New Rule. On Monday, the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission passed the rule, which requires brewers with a farmer-brewery license to grow at least half of the crops and grains they use in their brew. Some brewers say it would be a huge hit — or could put them out of business altogether. [CBS3Springfield.com]