Daily Feed: Outrage Over Nude Photo of Tom Brady's Son

Nude Photo Online of Tom Brady’s Son Causes Stir. Gisele’s modeling agency ordered that smutty sports blog BarstoolSports.com remove the not-so-Coppertone photo of 2-year-old Benjamin Brady enjoying himself at the beach, along with a headline encouraging readers to check out the size of his, um, yeah. You stay classy, Barstool Sports! [TheBostonChannel.com]

Neon Green Could Finally Help Us Figure Out the Cab System. In other cab-related news: Cabbies and officials agree that drivers of unregulated ‘gypsy’ cabs need an ass-kicking. [UniversalHub.com]

Could Boston’s Anti-Gang Example Help Solve London Riots? British Prime Minister David Cameron is turning to the example of some U.S. cities, including Boston, to help solve the violence problems in the U.K. [IBTimes.com]

Seven Reasons Why Fenway Park Is Too Pricey. Not making list are the prices of tickets, beer, hot-dogs, merch, or parking. [Patch.com]

First Photos Released of Face Transplant Patient. Brigham and Women’s Hospital released the photos of Charla Nash, who received a full face transplant in May after losing her face and hands from a chimpanzee attack. [NPR]