Daily Feed: PGA Champ Keegan Bradley Is As Boston As It Gets

PGA Champ Keegan Bradley Is As Boston As It Gets. 25-year-old Keegan Bradley — who won the PGA Championship on Sunday — is about as through-and-through Boston as it gets. Check out this photo of him wearing a Celtics-green T-shirt that reads “Wicked Smaaaht” topped off with a Bruins hat. And, apparently, that’s only the beginning. [GolfDigest.com]

Thanks to Social Media, Businesses Lose Average $65K Annually. That’s it? Really? We’d like to see the figure re-calculated after Words With Friends launches on Facebook. [RealWire.com]

Sovereign Bank Relocating its HQ to Boston. Good to see a corporation moving in, not out. [MyFoxBoston.com]

TSA Now Offering Chat-Downs in Addition to Pat-Downs. “It would be like deciding that you’re suddenly going to do brain surgery in every minute-clinic around the country,” says Glenn Reynolds, a law prof at the University of Tennessee. “You can’t just retrain those people who may be perfectly good at dealing with poison ivy and sinus infections to suddenly do brain surgery. I mean, it’s just a different level.” [NPR.com]

Which Pizza Place Would You Go To Buy 150 Pizzas? For one Mississippi man, it’s Town Spa Pizza in Stoughton. 150 pies cost him $1,200, 16 states, and 24 hours. [WashingtonPost.com]