Daily Feed: Celtics Guard Delonte West Applies to Home Depot

What’s a Celtics Guard To Do During the Lockout? Work at Home Depot. Delonte West says he shelved his pride and filed an application at Home Depot. “How I spent my lockout vacation” could become one of our favorite storylines whenever this one ends. [WashingtonPost.com]

Would-Be Patrons Claim That Peggy O’Neil’s Pub Refused to Serve Minorities. The pub says that it denied service because the people were intoxicated. Reason No. 265,312 to never own a bar. [HuffingtonPost.com]

Blind Zambian Woman Gets Vision Back After Surgery. Mercy Muzumara returned to the U.S. for a check-up with her doctors at Harvard Medical Center, who helped to restore her vision almost completely in July. [BattleCreekInquirer.com]

The Rarity of the Triple Play in Red Sox History Books. In their 111-year history, the Sox have logged 29 triple plays, but until last night, never had a 5-4-3 groundball triple play. Thank goodness this guy was keeping track. [WEEI.com]

20 Boston Media People to Follow on Twitter. Ah, yes, the unavoidable list of must-follows that circulates every three months or so. [BostInnovation.com]