Top 10 Boston Earthquake Tweets

You might have felt it, and we definitely felt it, too. The 5.9 magnitude earthquake that hit southwest of Washington, D.C., just before 2 p.m. this afternoon left our editors wondering what kind of party we were missing.

Here are the 10 funniest and most interesting tweets we’ve seen since the rumbles. Share your own by tweeting @BostonMagazine or hashtagging #earthquake and #boston.

@ktkjohnston US Airways diverted a Dublin-Philadelphia flight to Boston due to #earthquake. Irish passengers would probably rather come here anyway.

@chic_travel Whole Foods market in Beacon Hill playing John Mellencamp’s “When The Walls Come Tumbling Down” Priceless! #earthquake #Boston

@eDougBanks I didn’t feel the #earthquake in #Boston but my coworkers did. That’s what I get for jumping in the elevator.

@KarinaJacq Currently in Boston. Didn’t feel the #earthquake but got really excited to have a beer at Fenway!

@eatboston Quick, Boston restaurants, come up with an earthquake special.

@royvsimonds #earthquake #Boston ? #Newburystreet? Wtfwasthat?

@Stanford Interesting earthquake research: Boston at greater risk than San Francisco

@resident_hippie RT @KateMerrill Boston crowds worried about building collapse. #earthquake <<– yet they stand there being looky-loos.

@AndoverCoach buildings touching after #boston #earthquake @romanlimousine

@skipmackintosh Moved from Boston to San Diego and have yet to feel an #earthquake. Should have stayed in New England.