Daily Feed: The Earthquake from Inside Boston's Tallest Building

Experiencing an Earthquake from Inside Boston’s Tallest Building. People on the top floor of the Hancock reported feeling the high rise sway from side to side, and some felt sick or vertigo-like symptoms while others fled to the street to find solid ground. The real question is whether anyone in Boston will be taking a day off today due to earthquake-induced illness. [WHDH.com]

After Earthquake — and Even Before, the Leaning Tower of Boston. Funny how an out-of-ordinary event can make us see things we never before saw. Like this building leaning on its neighbor on Devonshire Street. Oh, wait … it’s always been that way. [UniversalHub.com]

In Other Natural Disaster News, Hurricane Irene is Coming, Too. Sunday could be the greatest concern for New England, but the storm is pretty much set to rock the Carolinas through New York prior to that. Boy, the East Coast must have seriously pissed off Mother Nature this week. [CBSLocal.com]

Copley Square: Boston’s Version of Skid Row? Maybe a little bit of an exaggeration, but we get the idea. [Patch.com]

Verizon Workers Back On Again, Might Be Off Again Soon. And some Verizon workers are still wearing the must-have T-shirt slogan of the year: “Will strike if provoked.” Take that, Lumbergh! [Boston.com]