Top Tweets on Move-In Day

It’s moving day, the day when the rest of us get a glimpse of the inner sanctums of Boston apartment-dwellers as they pack up their things into trucks or, if you’re in the habit of celebrating Allston Christmas, revel in the gifts they leave behind on the streets. But to tell what type of mover you really are, you have to get inside the head (or Twitter feed) of a of someone who’s stuff isn’t already in its place. Here’s a sampling of the Boston tweets.

You’re embarrassing yourself:

  • MJRod2142 I don’t think I need these 4 VHS tapes of ‘Friends’ episodes recorded in the mid ’90s. #moving

The Humble Braggers:

The Privileged College Kid:

The Spiritual Mover:

  • GenevaAve Packing, packing, and packing. I actually like packing. It means i’m going somewhere.

Non-mover Schadenfreude:

  • petergett I’m not moving today, but I do live on Comm Ave near Harvard Ave and get to see everyone else hating their lives #simplepleasures