Daily Feed: Mayor Menino on Leading Boston Through 9/11

Mayor Menino on Leading Boston Through 9/11. Menino reflected on leading Boston through the morning of the 9/11 attacks, and after: “… we got these phone calls from the airport saying they didn’t know how many planes left Logan Airport — two, four, six, they really didn’t know — that went down to New York. And that was definitely the toughest thing because everybody’s looking to Boston, everybody thought I run the airport, I have no say in the airport, but all the news media is calling me and I felt useless because I couldn’t tell you anything.” [WBUR.org]

The First Romney-Perry Showdown at Tonight’s Republican Debate. While tonight’s GOP debate is the first of not one, not two, but three Republican debates scheduled during the next three weeks, it’s also the first to include Rick Perry — and the first where our former governor is not the frontrunner in the polls. [PBS.org]

The City’s New Anti-Sugary Beverage Campaign is Kind of Gross. Bet this is the first time you’ll ever see a handful of clear, Jell-Oish fat smack some guy in the face. [YouTube.com]

Good Morning America Segment Broadcasting Live from Fenway Park. Tomorrow morning, “Your Three Words” will be broadcast, live and unedited, from Fenway and 11 other locations in the U.S., plus Afghanistan. [ABCNews.com]

Google Offers Launches in Boston and Four Other Cities. Yes, we love a good deal. But at this point, we need another site just to manage all of our daily deal sites. [TechCrunch.com]

Allston Bus Urinator Arraigned In Court. Word to the wise, if you simply must pee out a bus window, make an effort not to do so in front of police officers. [Wicked Local]

College Kids, Listen Up: Here’s What You Need to Know About Your Student Debt. The end of a four-year college leaves an awfully deep pit of debt in many students’ pockets, but there are a few tricks left in the paperwork that can leave the cash reserves just a shade less, um, emaciated. Adults still juggling loans, this goes for you, too. [BostInnovation.com]