Daily Feed: Logan Airport Ceremony Commemorates Sept. 11 Victims

Logan Airport Ceremony Commemorates Sept. 11 Victims. This morning, participants will gather at the airport’s Sept. 11 memorial to remember the passengers of American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175. [WSJ.com]

100+ Bicyclists Riding from Ground Zero to Boston. The 270-mile trip is a fundraiser for Beyond the 11th, a nonprofit founded by two Boston-area women who were widowed on 9/11. Beyond the 11th supports widows in Afghanistan who are impacted by terrorism, war, and oppression. “They saw that [there were] many many more widows in Afghanistan, and there’s very little a widow can do for herself in Afghanistan,” said Dan Shugrue, of Somerville, who is one of the bicyclists making the trek. [Patch.com]

President Obama’s Kin Gets Out of the Clink. No one is saying where Onyango Obama went or why he was released. Also, no word on whether that call to the White House ever made it through. [BostonHerald.com]

Hypothetical Situation: What About a Brady/Moss Reunion? That’s the speculation that’s kept the talking heads swirling this week, tipped off by a brief, anonymous mention in a West Virginia news outlet (presumably, the local authority for New England Patriots news). The good word was that Moss regretted leaving and would come out of retirement only for the Pats; next thing you know, the unlikely-yet-attractive scenario is getting pageviews and airtime from everywhere to —> [ESPN.com]

Did You Read the One About The Guy Who Fathered 150 Children? That would be from a Monday New York Times piece. The one about the guy from Boston who fathered 70 children? That gem arrived on Wednesday. It all sounds very sci-fi, but it’s just that more and more people are now realizing what happens with sperm donations. [Examiner.com]