Daily Feed: The Most Dangerous Intersections in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Lists Most Dangerous Intersections for Pedestrians. The most dangerous crosswalks are in Chelsea, according to state statistics. The state also keeps track of the overall most dangerous intersections based on a number of factors; coming in at No. 3 is Mass. Ave. between Pleasant Avenue and Sydney Street in Cambridge. We know what they say about Boston drivers and all, but seriously, be careful out there. [WCVB]

MFA Contemporary Art Wing Opens with Ellsworth Kelly Anchor Exhibit. The Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art is now open, and unlike the museum’s usual blast-from-the-past type of collections, the new wing is one step toward getting hip. [Reuters]

New Patriots Scratch-Off Lotto Ticket Hits Stores Today. If scratch-offs are your thing, today might be a pretty lucky day to buy in — you know, in the wake of a Pats win and all. [Fox]

State Suspends License Holders for Skirting the System. More than 100 of the license-holders were taking advantage of the more lenient Arizona requirements then transferring their licenses to Massachusetts. More lenient, or just more realistic when it comes to modern times? [Houston Chronicle]

Vacant Suburb Office Spaces as an Indicator of the Economy. Approximately twice the amount of empty offices, cubicle farms, and lab space that indicates a healthy market stood vacant in suburbia during the second quarter, according to two commercial brokerages. [MetroWest Daily News]