Daily Feed: MBTA Preparing Us for Fare Increase

Broke as a Joke: MTBA Expects ‘Modest’ (or Substantial?) Fare Increase. Either way, MBTA officials are preparing us for one thing: prices are going to go up. Meanwhile, an independent advisory committee yesterday said that the state needs to make more than $15 billion in repairs to the highway and transit system. [Boston.com]

Gov. Deval Patrick Takes the T After Getting Caught Driving During Car-Free Week. Patrick says he’s really impressed by the improvements the T has made over the years. Three words: See above, Gov. [Fox]

Crowd Boos Red Sox After Another Loss to the Orioles. Now that the Sox have dropped 14 of 18 games, it’s looking like this weekend’s road trip could be the last games of the year. We’re crossing our fingers but not holding our breath. [ESPN]

Scott Brown Wears Sensible Shoes, Too, Only His Aren’t Newsworthy. The ever-present storyline so far in the Elizabeth Warren vs. Scott Brown race: gender issues and ‘class warfare’. [The Atlantic]

Massachusetts Senators File Amendments to Gambling Bill. The Senate is expected to begin debate next week; meanwhile, everyone else can continue debating Massachusetts slot parlors as usual. [WAMC]