Daily Feed: Red Sox: Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain

Red Sox: Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain. Columnist William Russo says the Sox must feel as if they’ve been saved by the rain this weekend. The rest of us sure do. [Bleacher Report]

Today, Convicted Sal DiMasi To Ask for Bail During Appeal. To get bail, DiMasi’s attorneys must show that his appeal has a good chance of success. [MassLive.com]

Troy Davis Execution is Reminder to Keep Death Penalty Out of Mass. “This case is a particularly egregious case that demonstrates how wrong the death penalty is, and how flawed our justice system actually is,” said Jeff Napolitano, an anti-death penalty activist. [WAMC]

Mark Twain Book No Longer Banned for Naked Pic of Eve. Before smut on the internet, there was smut in the form of scandalous cartoons and drawings of a naked Eve alongside Adam. The Charlton Public Library lifted its 1906 ban on Eve’s Diary earlier this week, and someone pretty quickly checked the book out to see what we’ve all been missing these last 100+ years. [Hindustan Times]

Mass. Attorney General’s Stolen Credit Card Racks Up iTunes Purchases. Sure, Martha Coakley, you can call the credit card company to dispute, or you can contact Apple to deal with shoddy customer service via e-mail. Or, you can make a fuss about it on tech blogs like everyone else. [Tuaw.com]

Queen Elizabeth Makes Maiden Voyage to Boston. The cruise ship, that is. [Boston.com]