Daily Feed: On the Brink of Casinos, What Would Happen to Bingo?

On the Brink of Casinos, What Will Happen to Bingo? Poor bingo. In the realm of gaming, it’s become the little guy, the mom-and-pop shop to the casinos’ Wal-Mart. As the Senate is poised to pass the casino bill into law, what will become of the American Legion/church basement-style, pull-up-a-folding-chair bingo game? [Boston Herald]

More Massachusetts Residents Going for Part-Time Work … because they’re not able to find full-time jobs, another sign of the slow economic recovery in the region, according to an analysis by Northeastern University. [Boston.com]

An Elated Drayton Florence in the End Zone is the Front Page of NFL.com. We’re not going to say anything more about the Pats’ loss yesterday. But wow. [NFL]

Meanwhile, The Red Sox Save Their AL Wild-Card Lead. Talk about a turn of events. Thank you, Jacoby Ellsbury, for being the guy who saved the race with your three-run homer, while also managing to save the lives of many, many Boston sports fans on Sunday. [USA Today]

Rajen Kilachand Endows $25 Million to Boston University. Kilachand’s endowment will go to students who focus in the liberal arts and innovation. “People don’t want to go into liberal arts, but I think for people to be future leaders you need a focused approach to humanities, the fine arts, so that you have a well-rounded personality,” says Kilachand, chairman of the Dodsal Group, an engineering, procurement, and construction business, with very diverse interests: trading, mining, energy, Pizza Hut, and KFC. [India Times]