Daily Feed: OK, Red Sox, This Is It.

OK, Red Sox, This Is It. So Here’s a Little Mojo from Ted Williams. More than 50 years ago on September 28, 1960, Ted Williams received a two-minute standing OV before launching one into the Sox bullpen during the final at-bat of his career. We’d like to see some more of that. Stat. [ESPN]

MBTA Fare Increase Expected to Take Effect July 1. We’ve seen it coming for a while, but there’s finally a date for the hike, which acting general manager Jonathan Davis says is “pressing and urgent,” given the MBTA’s multi-billion dollar debt. Guess what, Davis? We can think of a lot of other “pressing and urgent” things to spend our money on. [WCVB]

What People Make: College Salaries, the New England Edition. Dozens of key employees from the 20 wealthiest colleges in Massachusetts took home more than $500K in 2009, according to a new report that sought to look at what administrators, considering the rising cost of higher education. Click through not just for the article, but for some examples of online commenting at their finest. [Boston Herald]

New York-Style Wall Street Protests Organizing in Boston. Not exactly sure where, not quite sure when, but Occupy Boston, a group of activists who are pissed off with the government’s economic policies, are bringing the protests to the Hub. [WHDH]

‘Yep, I Was Naked at the Car Wash,’ Admits 65-Year-Old Man. He got probation and will have to register as a sex offender. [CBS]