Daily Feed: Rezwan Ferdaus Had a Crazy Plan to Blow Buildings to 'Smithereens'

Rezwan Ferdaus Arrested for Crazy Plot to Blow the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol to ‘Smithereens’. Ferdaus, an Ashland resident who graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in physics, started his plan for “jihad” against the U.S. in 2010. According to the affidavit, he planned to use three remote-controlled airplanes that were each packed with five pounds of explosives to carry out the attack. The planes, which could reach speeds greater than 100 mph, would hit the Pentagon and blow the Capitol dome to “smithereens,” according to the affidavit. [CBS]

Red Sox = Choke. There’s not much more to say than that. Oh, wait, yes there is: Big-Spending Red Sox Didn’t Even Need Yankee’s Help to Lose AL Wild Card, Boston Red Sox Complete One of the Worst Collapses in MLB History, Boston Red Sox Collapse and Suffer a Damning Finish, Red Sox Did This to Themselves, Red Sox Epic Collapse One for the Record Books, Loss to Orioles Costs Boston A.L. Wild Card, Vent and Vote: What Now?. Sure, the headlines may hurt. But not nearly as much as an autumn in Boston without playoff baseball. [Reality]

President Obama’s Kin Makes Court Appearance for Drunken Driving. This time, Onyango Obama didn’t ask to call the White House — instead, he and his lawyer refused to comment, which probably would have been a useful strategy from the get-go. [Washington Post]

As We Lose Interest in Casinos Debate, the Illegal Immigration Debate Gains Steam. Point: “There are so many people being killed by these illegal aliens and crimes that are being committed that we decided we’re going forward and we’re going to get the resources that we need,” says Bristol County sheriff Thomas Hodgson. Counterpoint: “It’s terrible because they are using these cases to generalize, to criminalize the entire population of undocumented community in Massachusetts. And that is not fair,” says Patricia Montes, the executive director of Centro Presente, a Latin-American immigrant organization. [WBUR]

Boston Ranks No. 2 City in U.S. for Seniors. No. 1? Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn. [Center for a Secure Retirement]