Daily Feed: Is Terry Francona Leaving the Boston Red Sox?

Is Terry Francona Leaving the Boston Red Sox? “There’s not a whole lot here that isn’t trying even in the best of, you know, because everything is so important to people here, and that’s good. But because it’s fresh and raw, it seems that way, but there have been a lot of trying moments here. We just fought through them, I think, a little bit better,” Francona said when asked if this had been his most trying season. He’s expected to meet with management this morning, and the rumored resolution is expected to be that he’s no longer with the Sox. [ESPN]

Why Thwarted Terrorist Rezwan Ferdaus Now Seems Even Crazier. Counter-terrorism experts scoff at the notion of using little airplanes as legit terrorism weapons by using phrases like “delusions of grandeur,” “isn’t as easy at it looks,” and “impossible.” [AP]

Massachusetts Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene Damage Totals $90 Million. That’s according to claims complaints by the state Division of Insurance. [Boston Herald]

Review: Shot-in-Boston ‘What’s Your Number?’ Totally Sucks. Even Anna Faris and Chris Evans can’t save this sinking ship, dubbed ” another lame-brained, by-the-numbers romantic comedy” by one reviewer. Yikes. [Enterprise News]

Apparently, City Parking Enforcement Has No Heart. They ticketed and towed a car pimped out with “Just Married” garb. Cold as ice! [Boston Globe]