Daily Feed: Terry Francona: Out; Terry Francona for the Month of October: In

Terry Francona: Out; Terry Francona for the Month of October: In. Bet they weren’t planning on this happening when compiling the 2011 Red Sox calendar. [Universal Hub]

Occupy Boston, Day 4: The Morning March to Beacon Hill. The Occupy Boston protesters marched from the Greenway to Beacon Hill this morning, though anticipated rush-hour delays didn’t quite pan out. Meanwhile, protesters in NYC this morning dressed as corporate zombies and greeted Wall Street workers on their way into the office. Case of the Mondays? [Boston.com]

Patriots’ Buffalo Punch Line Officially Over With Win Against Oakland. Thank goodness that nightmare is no longer the most recent memory. [ESPN]

Rezwan Ferdaus Expected for Bail Hearing in Worcester Today. Prosecutors are expected to ask that Ferdaus, who’s accused of plotting to blow up U.S. buildings with remote-controlled airplanes loaded with explosives, be held without bail. [CBS]

Turbulence on Two JetBlue Flights Blamed for 20 Injuries. Both of the flights landed in Boston on Sunday night. At least one person spilled hot coffee on himself. [Washington Post]

Deval Patrick on ‘Meet the Press’: Obama, Democrats Should Be Nervous. “I hope Democrats are nervous. I think that that’s more consistent with how people are feeling in the general population,” the governor said. [Business Insider]

Scott Brown Not Sweating The Competition. Poll numbers putting him just three points over Warren do not appear to worry the centerfold Senator. What we want to know is, what happens when they start putting him three points below the competition? [Boston Herald]