Daily Feed: Elizabeth Warren Faces First Big Test Tonight Against Irritated Competition

Elizabeth Warren Faces First Big Test Tonight Against Irritated Competition. She’ll be debating this evening at UMass Lowell against five other candidates who are well aware of the fact that you probably don’t know their names and, frankly, are getting just a little frustrated at the Harvard prof’s spotlight hoarding, whether she means to or not. [New York Times]

Rezwan Ferdaus Pleads Not Guilty. The accused would-be remote-controlled-airplane-flyer caught in a federal sting operation denies charges of plotting to blow up several U.S. buildings. His lawyers meanwhile, have asked for a little more time. The detention hearing is set for later this month. [USA Today]

HuffPo Snaps Up Local Media Startup. Three out of Localocracy’s four employees get a snazzy promotion to full-on Huffington Post employee, which we hope makes up for the stingy sale price of under a million. [Boston Globe]

Hoarders On Wheels. Lots And Lots of Wheels. OK, maybe not technically true hoarding in the clinical sense, but this Newton lawyer just cannot stop rescuing cars. Wonder how his neighbors feel about it. [New York Times]

Canton Drinks Freely Once Again. A solid week of piling up water bottles and boiling bathwater in spaghetti pots has come to an end. Our sympathies to Canton — a full week? That’s even worse than last year’s hysteria-inducing waterpocalypse. [Patriot Ledger]