Daily Feed: Is Whitey Bulger's Tipster in Danger?

Is Whitey Bulger’s Tipster in Danger? Now that the Globe let the cat out of the bag on the identity of the Icelandic woman who tipped off the FBI on Whitey Bulger’s whereabouts, the Herald takes the angle on whether or not the mobster still has any crazy friends left that might decide to hack her off.  [Boston Herald]

High Temps to Blame for Lacking Fall Foliage. Exhibit A: Yesterday’s recording-breaking high temps, and warm weather that’s expected to continue through mid-week.  [Pocono Record]

Rick Perry’s Anti-RomneyCare Ad Is Eerily Similar to the Da Vinci Code. If that whole Republican nomination thing doesn’t work out, at least there’s Hollywood. [YouTube]

Health Problems Linked to Anti-Miscarriage Drug. DES has been linked to health problems like breast cancer and infertility, according to a study recently published in The New England Journal of Medicine. More than 2 million men and 2 million women in the U.S. could have been exposed to the drug in the womb.  [TheWeek.com]

Turkey Puts a Full Weary Heracles on Display. The top piece had been at the MFA and the subject of two decades of negotiations.  [Washington Post]