Daily Feed: Morning Occupy Boston Arrests on Greenway Exceed 100

Morning Occupy Boston Arrests on Greenway Exceed 100. Pushing over veterans? Tramping on the American flag? $4,000 in bail money? How’s that whole protester/police harmony thing working out now? [Fox]

Disaster for Everyone Else Makes Mitt Romney Happy. Florida’s move to push the GOP primary back to January 31 has sent states like New Hampshire and Iowa into a frenzy of me-first calendar rearrangements eying December, leaving increasingly little time for every other candidate to get it together. Good news for Romney as he continues to steamroll inexorably over the competition; bad news for Perry, Cain, and everyone else struggling to regather any sort of momentum. [Time]

Scott Brown Has ‘Quite the War Chest.’ Specifically, a $10.5-million war chest, says his campaign manager about the Senator’s funds, in response to Elizabeth Warren’s accumulated $3.15 million in grassroots donations. Apparently, a B.S. from the school of hard knocks gets you somewhere. [ABC]

Smoking Restrictions Moving In To Private Residences. Today, Menino launched Boston’s first-ever non-smoking housing registry at BostonSmokeFreeHomes.org. Next up, if possible, could be the city’s first-ever noise-free registry for upstairs neighbors who blast Lady Gaga all day long. Just a suggestion. [Boston.com]

Kittendales Calendar Combines Buff Men With … Well … You Know. For just a $20 donation to the Hull Seaside Animal Rescue Center, you, too, can pin up to your wall the 2012 Kittendales calendar, featuring hunky firefighters, construction workers, a doctor, and a dentist in all of their Chippendale glory — and holding fluffy, furry kittens. [KSPR]

Video: Occupy Boston Footage. Accounts of this morning’s conflict between protesters and police continue to vary, but a fast-growing collection of video footage gathered from the spot provides an incredible library of undeniable information. [YouTube]