Daily Feed: Happy Hour as Part of the Casino Bill?

Sen. Robert Hedlund 101: How to Become the Coolest, Most Popular Guy in Massachusetts. Step 1: Just tack an amendment onto the casino bill that would essentially allow bars and restaurants to have happy hours. [Patriot Ledger]

Chris Christie Backs Now Pretty-Much-Inevitable-Nominee Mitt Romney. The move should win the Mittster more friends in the political playground, but it means Christie is pretty much, probably, for sure, really not running. [USA Today]

Intelligently Implemented Furniture Eases Vitriol at GOP Debate. Curiously enough, the use of a table instead of a stage in last night’s GOP Debate at Dartmouth College succeeded in giving the Republican debaters a slice of dignity and even a hint of camaraderie. Among the failures of the table include not taking the crazy out of Michele Bachmann. [WBUR]

Fines For Most and Criminal Charges For a Few of Yesterday’s Occupy Boston Arrests. More than 60 of yesterday’s early morning arrestees were given small fines before being sent on their way with no further action. Twelve, either due to their own insistence or past records, are not-so-lucky and now face likely criminal trials. [Universal Hub]

If Theo Epstein Heads to Chicago, Would Terry Francona Follow? Words like “unlikely” and “long shot” are really the only necessary ones from this speculative, 500-word gem. [ESPN]

MBTA Has Sense of Humor! Whether or not the new batch of ads promoting common courtesy will actually have their intended effect is entirely in the air — but it’s good to know the T can enjoy a joke, especially since most of the time, it seems to exist in a laugh-or-cry pit of failure and despair. [Universal Hub]