Daily Feed: The Boston Red Sox Implosion Continues

Boston Red Sox Implosion Continues As Rest of World Provides Play-By-Play. First, Terry Francona and fried chicken scandals in the clubhouse, and now, Theo Epstein is skipping town in favor of — of all teams — the Cubs. We’re having a hard time disagreeing with this summary — again, of all places — from the Toronto Sun: “It’s starting to look more and more like the situation in Boston was just a train wreck.” Ouch. [Toronto Sun]

Globe Gets Reprimanded by FBI for Identifying Whitey Bulger’s Tipster. After the Globe published the identity of the woman who ultimately led the feds to Santa Monica, critics admonished the editorial decision — but the FBI stayed mum … for a little while. The Herald, naturally, was quick to report on the statement released by special agent Gregory Comcowich in Boston, which says, in part: “In defending against public criticism about the decision to publish the name of the alleged tipster, reporters and editors from the news outlet attempted to justify it by stating the FBI did not raise any objections in advance. That explanation suggested the FBI was culpable for the publishing of this information. To the contrary, the FBI’s silence on these inquiries should not be seen as acquiescence to that editorial decision. Had the FBI responded one way or the other, the effect would have been to confirm or deny the identity of one of the tipsters.” [Boston Herald]

Farmers, Want Some Massive Publicity? Make a Labyrinth of a Corn Maze. Then, have a family get lost in it 25 feet from the exit, and the whole country — including Good Morning America, Letterman, and Leno — will focus its attention on you. [LA Times]

Scott Brown Takes A Leaf Out of Elizabeth Dole’s Book — Literally. Of all the parts to have plagiarized from her website, Scott — the ethics section? Really? [The Atlantic Wire]

Massachusetts GOP Unveils Elizabeth Warren Attack Ad That Makes People Like Her More. Maybe because the whole elite Harvard intellectual thing isn’t working out as the best plan for attack against Warren, the state GOP released a rocks-focused ad that makes her look like she’s ready to kick ass and take names for the working class. [YouTube]

Massachusetts VC Falls Behind New York. Thanks largely to their boom in consumer internet start-ups like Tumblr, FourSquare, and ZocDoc, New York has pulled ahead of the Bay State for the first time in 12 years. California still leads the pack, which puts us in third place. Kendall Square: it’s time to bust a move. [Business Week]