Daily Feed: Massachusetts Senate OKs Casino Bill

Coming To a Town Near You: Gambling and, Maybe, Just Maybe, Free Booze. The Casino bill has made it through the Senate, and with just a few more reviews and the governor’s signature to go, the state seems all but guaranteed to let its hair down. [WBUR]

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Completes Successful Double-Hand Transplant. Simply miraculous. [WCVB]

For $10.5 Million, You, Too, Can Live Like Tom Brady. The QB’s Beacon Street penthouse is on the market for the pocket change of $10.5 million (down from the previous $10.9 mill). Something tells us that between that drop in price and the near-completion of his California digs, someone might be dusting off his suitcase. [Boston.com]

The ‘What is Wrong With People?’ Military Grave Marker/Scrap Metal Edition. Seriously? Who steals brass military grave markers and tries to sell them for scrap metal? [WCVB]

Why Does Footloose‘s Kenny Wormald Talk Like He’s From Jersey Shore? In an interview with Vulture, the Stoughton, Mass., native offered up some gems about re-creating the classic Kevin Bacon angry dance (“You just think about anyone that’s ever pissed you off your whole life and take it out on them.”), how he doesn’t seem very aggressive (“I’m from Boston. I’ll fuckin’ head butt that guy right now.”), and on losing his Boston accent (“… every time I went into a room they were like, ‘where are you from? Boston?’ And I’m like, ‘Fuck. Yeah.’). OK … so … gotta cut loose? [Vulture]

Extremely Eager Robber Loose in New England. Just exactly how many people is this guy going to try to rob before he gets picked up — again? [WHDH]