Daily Feed: Logan International Lands on List of Most Dangerous U.S. Airports

Logan International Lands on List of Most Dangerous U.S. Airports. Logan International comes in at No. 9 on a laundry list of the major airports in the country, ranked in terms of danger by considering runway incidents and close calls. [Travel and Leisure]

Nevada, Take Two: Mitt Romney vs. Ron Paul, Again. Tonight’s GOP debate comes down to two main players — mostly because nearly half of the competition has already opted out. This will be the second time Romney and Paul duke it out in the Silver State. Romney won in a landslide in 2008, and to be honest, we’re kind of hoping for a repeat. The alternative is a guy who wants to eliminate the Departments of Energy, Education, and Housing, not to mention Social Security. [Washington Post]

Somerville Principal Apologizes for Columbus Day E-mail. After Anne Foley sent an e-mail hating on Columbus Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, she’s backtracking and apologizing for going up against one of those holidays … and it’s not Halloween or Thanksgiving. [Fox]

Common Sense Wins Again: Kids Under 2 Should Not Be Watching TV. It was true in 1999, and it’s still true today: Television isn’t good for the brain in the most critical window of development. By all means, give them Sesame Street when they’re a little older, and they’ll show benefits right through high school English. But parents, please: don’t put a TV in your kid’s room when he’s 3. [Live Science.com]

You Stay Classy, Real Housewives of South Boston (Warning: NSFW). This parody of the “reality”/trash TV show features the ladies of SoBo at their … finest? [YouTube]