Daily Feed: Dunkin' and JetBlue Go Prize Patrol (Sort of)

If You’re Carrying Your Dunkin’ Coffee Today, You Could Win a Free JetBlue Round-Trip. It’s like the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol, minus the champagne, flowers, and big check, plus a cup of coffee that you bought and a free round-trip ticket. [Wall Street Journal]

Occupy Boston Protester Voted Off the Island Fights Back. “The accused” says that he and an accomplice did not steal $400 in donations. He wants their names to be cleared, and yeah, if they could be removed from Occupy Boston’s website, that would probably be nice, too. [Herald]

Scrap Metal Dealers Want Tougher Laws Against Terrible People. The dealers are getting together to to push for tougher laws that could help to curb the selling of scrap metal by terrible people, like the ones who steal military grave markers and try to make a dime. Blame the economy and the high price of copper all you want, but, really, shouldn’t we just blame these individuals for not knowing the difference between right and wrong? [Wicked Local]

Kevorkian’s Estate Moving Forward on Art Auction Plans. … even though the Armenian Library and Museum of America, located in Watertown, says the works were donated to the museum. The works include depictions of death and dying, as well an original work created with a pint of Kevorkian’s blood. Now that’s a conversation piece right there. [Washington Post]

Catholic Conservatives and the Quiet Remake of the GOP Race. “The Mormon issue is not an issue for Catholics,” says Stephen Schneck, director of the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies at Catholic University, who sees Catholic voters lining up behind Mitt Romney. “Catholics as a group are highly sensitized to religious identity and freedom. They have been through that.” [TIME]