First-Year Harvard Students Stage Walk-Out of Econ Class

First-Year Harvard Students Stage Walk-Out of Econ Class. In a letter to economics professor Greg Mankiw, the students wrote: “We are walking out today to join a Boston-wide march protesting the corporatization of higher education as part of the global Occupy movement. Since the biased nature of Economics 10 contributes to and symbolizes the increasing economic inequality in America, we are walking out of your class today both to protest your inadequate discussion of basic economic theory and to lend our support to a movement that is changing American discourse on economic injustice.” In a response on his blog, Mankiw wrote: “Ironically, the topic for today’s lecture is the distribution of income, including the growing gap between the top 1 percent and the bottom 99 percent. I am sorry the protesters will miss it.” [ Harvard Crimson]