Daily Feed: MBTA Prepares To Throw In Towel Ahead Of Winter.

MBTA Prepares To Throw In Towel Ahead Of Winter. Apparently still mortified by last year’s performance, the T has announced its intention to cancel a portion of trains well ahead of snowflakes this winter. At least this time, commuters can take comfort in the fact that their missing ride is missing on purpose, and not because of technical difficulties. [Globe]

Occupy Bostoners Totally Not Like Occupy Oaklanders. After a night of broken windows, fires, and riot police from the Californian campers, reps from the Boston movement have moved fast to try to distance themselves from the violence — a pretty wise move, most likely. Breaking into shops and terrorizing the populace will not win a movement any new friends. [Times Union]

Hard Knocks For The Ivy League Legacies? Okay, look — we realize it’s got to be trying sometimes, being the kid of highly accomplished educational achievers whose records can help grease the college admissions wheel, but to call it a burden is kind of pushing it. [New York Times]

Sal DiMasi Gets Thanksgiving After All. With his incarceration date pushed back from the 16th to the 30th, the convicted former Speaker of the House gets to spend at least one of the winter celebrations with his family. We kind of doubt he’s feeling the full thankful spirit of the holiday though, what with that looming seven-to-eight hanging over his head. [CBS Boston]

How Dollar Stores Really Make Their Buck. The uber-discount shops have done quite well for themselves in the down economy — but anyone who thinks they’re actually saving money with them needs to reconsider. [The Street]