Daily Feed: Adele's Vocal Chord Surgery Deemed a 'Success'

Adele’s Vocal Chord Surgery Deemed a ‘Success.’ The sultry croon-ette had laser microsurgery for her damaged vocal chords, performed by voice hero Steven Zeitels, the director of Massachusetts General Hospital’s Voice Center. [Rolling Stone]

Massachusetts Line-Drawers Put Reps. Bill Keating and Stephen Lynch in Same District. … while creating a brand-new district for Cape Cod, where there is no incumbent (and, coincidentally, where Keating has a summer home). [Washington Post]

Zuckerberg’s Harvard Visit: ‘It’s Never Been Sexier To Be An Entrepreneur.’ The Facebook founder definitely received the royal treatment while headhunting yesterday, and, certainly, he’s raking it in, ambitious hand over conquering fist. But sexy? [BostInnovation]

Tim Pawlenty Joins Christie in Support of Mitt Romney. Surely you remember Tim Pawlenty, one of the early non-lunatics who attempted to throw his hat in the nomination ring before fading to obscurity. This now makes two of the most admirably sane Republicans to offer their support to the coiffed front-runner. [BBC]

Herald Tests What Could Be Most Useful App In Boston: The Empty Parking Spot Finder. Yes, yes, yes … a thousand times … yes. Please let this happen, and more importantly, please let it work like it does in our fantasies. [Herald]