Daily Feed: New Hampshire Calls Out The 'Deadbeat' Massachusetts Government

New Hampshire Editorial Calls Out the ‘Deadbeat’ Massachusetts Government. The state owes millions of dollars to New Hampshire communities stemming from the 1950s flood control project, which mostly benefited the Bay State from going underwater. But, the government doesn’t have the best track record in making the payments, to say the least. [Concord Monitor]

It’s All Very Serious at the Newly Formed Occupy Harvard. Rain, cold, snow, the stony gaze of John Harvard’s statue, nothing seems like it will stop the protesters at newly formed Occupy Harvard, especially considering that it took the students weeks of planning meetings — some lasting for hours at a time — to plot exactly how to assemble a few tents on Harvard Lawn. “It’s a protest movement, not a camping trip,” said Jason Rowe, a graduate student. [Boston.com]

Mark Madden on WEEI: Sandusky ‘Pimped Out’ Kids to Rich Donors. Pittsburgh’s sports shock jock, who months ago penned what now seems like a disturbingly eerily missed warning to the Penn State disaster, went on air this morning to make the latest allegation against former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky. “There is a rumor … Jerry Sandusky and The Second Mile were ‘pimping out’ kids to rich donors,” he said, later adding: “Jerry Sandusky was told he had to retire in exchange for the cover-up.” [WEEI]

Meanwhile, Newton Ignores Fact That Most Of Its Residents Generally Do Well For Themselves And Joins The Occupy Movement Anyway. It’s about 40-50 people strong. [Boston.com Your Town]

Briefly Successful Trickery Aside, Adam Wheeler Not A Very Fast Learner. Remember the guy who faked his way into Harvard? After being told under no uncertain terms to not represent himself as a Harvard anything, he’s just been ordered held without bail after … wait for it … violating his probation by adding the university to his resume. This sort of reasoning could be why he had to fake his way into the school in the first place. [WBUR]

Broga-Curious yet? A Red-Blooded Reporter Stretches His Manly Hamstrings. The dude-friendly version of the yoga has landed front and center in the news. You saw it here first. [Boston magazine]