Daily Feed: Cambridge Ranks No. 1 Healthiest U.S. City for Women

SELF Magazine Names Cambridge the Healthiest U.S. City for Women. Cambridge scored major points for its below-average rate for depression, cancer, and crime — not to mention that the state requires residents to have health insurance. [Self]

More or Less, Everyone Is Happy To Use 11/11/11 In Every Possible Way. Casinos, filmmakers, stock market reporters, couples getting married, and the list goes on. Depending on your point of view, today should be really, really lucky, or really, really awful. [Washington Post]

Ms. Massachusetts Senior America Contestant on Lack of Swimsuit Competition: ‘Thank God!’ Needless to say, Frances Perguidi, 74, of Palmer, is a bit relieved that contestants in Sunday’s pageant will only have to compete in the evening gown and interview segments. [MassLive.com]

Massachusetts Ranks No. 1 Out of e-Prescribing States. Prescribers in Massachusetts used e-prescribing for 43 percent of all prescriptions in 2010, according to a study by e-prescribing services company Surescripts, based in Arlington, Va. [Boston Business Journal]

FTC Has A Few Things To Say About Mark Zuckerberg’s Privacy Stance. Like how he’s going way overboard with the whole tearing down the digital walls. Face it, Zuck: sometimes you don’t actually get every single thing you want in life, dictatorial social domination included. [The Atlantic Wire]