Daily Feed: Happy Hour Amendment: 'Dead as a Doornail'

Robert L. Hedlund, Senator Who Proposed Happy Hour Amendment, Calls it ‘Dead as a Doornail.’ Perhaps realizing that it was never going to happen in Massachusetts, a state Hedlund compares to the “Mormon state” of Utah, the senator is now politicking and re-aligning his call to instead ask the ABCC for a one-year review of the state’s alcohol regulations as they apply to bars and restaurants. “We’re not asking for free booze or happy hour,” he says. “We’re asking for them to look at some of the flaws that exist in the regulations.” [New York Times]

True Grit: Red-Hot Second Half Lands Patriots Atop AFC East. Last night’s road win looked pretty solid — by comparison to the last two weeks — and included 3 TDs from Tom Brady on two connections to Rob Gronkowski, what could be resurrection of former Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch, and, heck, even an appearance or two from Chad Ochocinco before he stepped out-of-bounds. Not to mention the silver lining: The Pats win turned the headset-throwing, barking Rex Ryan into a blubbering bundle of apologies. [ESPN]

Why Penn State Should Coach the Catholic Church. There are some similarities between the two sex abuse scandals, but many differences, too — most notably that Penn State fired the people at the top, while the Catholic Church, regrettably, has not. [Herald]

The ‘What Is Wrong With People?’ Money Thief/Trans-Atlantic Flight Edition. The only thing more laughable than stealing $300 from a flight attendant is flushing $300 down the toilet after you get caught. [MassLive.com]

Starbucks Tries to Avoid Bank Of America-Like Backlash by Hiding Extra Fees. Not that there’s really a good way to raise prices without angering clientele, but jacking up your costs without putting it on the price tag is not an improvement over outright announcing the up-charge. Fail. [Boston Business Journal]

Occupy Harvard Clashes Caught on Camera. Roberto Velez, a veteran of the last time Harvard protesters occupied the quad, videotaped the first night of the new Harvard Occupy as it happened, capturing marches, police clashes, the rallying chants of the students, and the infamous closing — and taking — of the gate. [The Crimson]

JP Whole Foods Protest Segues Pretty Naturally Into Occupy Protests. Whole Foods may have opened its doors two weeks ago, sure, but how does the saying go again? “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” The new movement kicked off at Doyle’s pub yesterday. [Universal Hub]