Daily Feed: Deval Patrick Expected To Sign Casino Bill Today

Deval Patrick Expected To Sign Casino Bill Today. As Massachusetts gets ready to shake off one of the (many) remaining vestiges of its Puritanical past, Vegas organizations are salivating, local tribes are scrambling, and the Catholic Church is sadly shaking its head at the degeneration of society. [Boston Globe] Update: Check here for more news and past Boston coverage of the Mass. casino bill debate.

Shockingly, Obama Re-Election Campaign Not Happy With Mitt Romney’s Ads. They are terribly displeased with the former Massachusetts governor for turning the President’s past words against him. Um… guys: welcome to election campaign strategies 101. [Daily Mail]

At BU: ‘Moped Menace Strikes Again.’ Yes, it does sound like it came straight out of a bad Adam Sandler movie, but yes, it is actually true: a moped-riding thief is zipping past pedestrians and plucking their phones right out of their hands before zooming out of reach again. Apparently, this happens often. [Daily Free Press]

Paying For Parking Is About To Get Slightly Easier (Finding It Will Still Be Hard). The city is launching a pre-paid meter card system that allow users to swipe a card for their parking time, once when they start their parking session, and once more when they’re ready to leave. Pretty clever — but the meters for this were bought in frickin’ 2008! What’s the deal with the nearly four-year wait? Just imagine the laundry that could have been done with all those wasted quarters. [WCVB]

Resurrected Issue Of The Day: Bury Those Power Lines! With the casinos issue more or less wrapped up tight, the power-line-burying contingent is rattling sabers again. Those in favor of the idea point to the annual parade of power outages that plague the state. Those against it point to the price tag of, oh, $1 trillion. [Mass Live]