UPDATED: Deval Patrick Signs Casino Bill

UPDATED: Deval Patrick Signs Casino Bill. As Massachusetts finally shakes off one of the (many) remaining vestiges of its Puritanical past, Vegas organizations are salivating, local tribes are scrambling, and the Catholic Church is sadly shaking its head at the degeneration of society. [Boston Globe]

This piece was updated 1 p.m. Nov 22. Catch up here on the issue with all of Boston’s recent coverage of the Massachusetts casino bill:

The Big Gamble, by Jason Schwartz
The Mashpee Wampanoag and their leader Cedric Cromwell are in a race against time to open a casino in Massachusetts. But the question isn’t just whether the Mashpees will beat the clock. It’s whether the tribe will survive the ordeal.
December 2011

Cashed Out, by Colin Kingsbury
If allowing suckers to drop the nest egg on slot machines is how Massachusetts is going to solve its revenue problems, let’s at least have a little fun on the way to social ruin.
November 2011

Massachusetts Has a Gambling Problem, by Jason Schwartz
The speaker wants slots, the governor casinos. Why they’ll both win—and you’ll lose.
September 2009

The Smart Money on Casinos, by Jason Schwartz
After a faltering start, the big players in the state’s gambling debate are primed for front-page battles this year. What plugged-in observers will be watching for as the high-stakes fight heats up.
January 2008

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