Daily Feed: Mitt Romney's Emails Show Up (Kind of)

Mitt Romney’s Missing Emails Show Up on Globe‘s Doorstep. If by “missing emails” you really mean “satire,” then yes, they’ve turned up. [Boston Globe]

Barney Frank: Redistricting Plan is Reason for Retirement. True to form, the congressman didn’t pull any punches at yesterday’s news conference to explain his rationale to not run in 2012. “I don’t want to be torn between a full-fledged campaign in a district with 325,000 new people and my obligation to the existing district and that is reinforced by the fact that I would have a hard time going to 325,000 new people, some of them in areas that I am not very familiar with like the Blackstone Valley, and say, ‘by the way, I would like to be your Congressman for two years,'” Frank said at the news conference at City Hall in Newton, Mass., his hometown. [Biz Journals]

African Meeting House to Reopen in Beacon Hill. After a $9 million restoration, the oldest black church building still standing in the United States — where the anti-slavery movement gained steam — will re-open to the public in early next month. [Huffington Post]

Is Boston the New Silicon Valley? Read this is you want to revisit the words uttered by Mark Zuckerberg that has Boston all up in a tizzy — “If I were starting now, I would have just stayed in Boston” — as well as speculation from techies who can’t be nailed down for a straight answer. [TNGG]

Rezwan Ferdaus Denied Bail; Meanwhile, More Testimony Against Tarek Mehanna. The Washington Post has separate updates on two Massachusetts men with alleged ties to al-Qaida who are charged with plotting to kill people or otherwise blow stuff up. Rezwan Ferdaus, the gem who brought forth the idea of using remote-controlled airplanes to blow up the U.S. Capitol and Pentagon, was denied bail because he’s a “danger to the community.” As for the ongoing trial of Tarek Mehanna, who allegedly talked a lot about shooting up a shopping mall and U.S. Air Force Base, a former friend testified that the two traveled overseas to try to get into a terrorist training camp. [Washington Post / Washington Post]