Daily Feed: Donald Trump's Loose Lips on Mitt Romney

Donald Trump, Upcoming GOP Debate Moderator, Can’t Keep Mum on Mitt Romney. The Donald, scheduled to moderate a GOP debate on December 28, gave his impressions of the Republican candidates in the afterward of his book, Time to Get Tough. On Romney: “He gets criticized for changing his opinions, or ‘flip flopping,’ but over a lifetime I’ve seen many people who don’t change and they always get left behind. Smart people learn things, so they change their minds. Only stupid people never change their minds.” This morning, Trump said NBC’s “Today” that Romney “doesn’t get the traction” for the Republican presidential nomination, offering a bit of humility: “I don’t know what it is.” Fair and balanced, no? [The Wall Street Journal | AP]

Red Sox Sex Abuse Scandal Returns to Public Spotlight. Two former clubhouse attendants have filed for $5 million each from the Red Sox as recompense for the abused allegedly endured at the hands of Sox clubhouse manager Donald Fitzpatrick in the early 90’s. This is not the first time such charges have been made against Fitzpatrick (now deceased) — the two men are actually the ninth and tenth attendants to come forward with allegations — but it is the first time that the manager is said to have assaulted boys in the team’s clubhouse itself. “I’ve held one of Boston’s darkest secrets all these years, knowing people would have been blown out of their seats if they knew what the Red Sox let happen to me,” Crawford told the Globe. [Globe]

Political Landscape, Not NFL, Will Determine Casino in Foxborough. As it turns out, the only people more skittish about casinos than Massachusetts residents are NFL higher-ups. [Washington Post]

London to Boston Flight Crew Finds Bomb-Referencing Note … From Weeks Ago. A flight attendant found the note in the bathroom of the Virgin Atlantic flight, which landed in Boston last night to be immediately searched (passengers, plane, bags, and all). The FBI and state police didn’t find anything, possibly because “the note was dated more than a month ago.” Good catch, guys, and thank you for keeping our airways a little bit safer. [Herald]

Pedro Martinez to Announce His Retirement This Week. Over the weekend, the former Red Sox pitcher announced his plans to announce his retirement. [WBUR]

74-Year-Old Professor and Son Busted for Meth Lab Not Far from City Hall. New York Magazine points out the similarities to Breaking Bad three minutes after Gawker says it isn’t so. [NY Mag | Gawker]