Daily Feed: The Bill for Mitt Romney's Technology Clean-Up: $100,000

The Bill for Mitt Romney’s Technology Clean-Up: $100,000. Is it worth deleting emails, clearing servers, and taking home computers when it gives the opposing team such an easy target? You’re a smart man, Mitt: did you really not see this becoming a problem, or were the state-issued computers really that awesome? [The Atlantic Wire]

The Whats, Wheres, and Whys of the Occupy Boston Encampment. These are the stories behind the faces that make up one of the nation’s largest Occupy encampments, and they’d like you to know that they’re so much more than just a bunch of agitated whippersnappers looking to be part of something. [WCVB]

Ex-Hedge Funder Raj Rajaratnam: From Billions to Mackerel. Rajaratnam, who begins his 11-year prison sentence for 14 counts of conspiracy and fraud, will now be subject to manual labor starting at 12 cents an hour. [Business Week]

We’re All Going To Hear a Lot More from Terry Francona, ESPN Baseball Analyst. The former Red Sox manager has picked himself up from under the bus and landed neatly in the booth with Dan Shulman and Orel Hershiser for Sunday Night Baseball, Baseball Tonight, and ESPNBoston.com. No pressure, Bobby Valentine. [ESPN]

With Arrest of Dr. Punyamurtula Kishore, A Feared Increase in Overdoses. Kishore closed 29 offices and treatment centers amid charges of Medicaid fraud, essentially leaving up to 3,000 recovering addicts without access to the powerful anti-addiction drug Vivitrol. Now, state officials and addiction centers are scrambling to pick up the slack and prevent an onslaught of overdoses. [Biz Journals]