Daily Feed: Occupy Boston Still in Dewey Square

Occupy Boston Still in Dewey Square. In spite of all the tough-talking, the midnight deadline, and a situation that hasn’t ended so well in other cities, the BPD decided not to enforce Menino’s deadline for the encampment to leave Dewey Square. “We’re continuing to work with (the protesters) … and hopefully come to a good conclusion where we don’t have any confrontations and there are no arrests,” said Boston police Supt. William Evans. [AP]

Seat Belt Use in Massachusetts Among Lowest in U.S. Combine that with yesterday’s news that texting while driving is up 50 percent over 2010, and the T is starting to look pretty damn cozy. [Wicked Local]

Why Is Everyone Posting Football Videos of their Four-Year-Olds? First it was this maladjusted Philly fan who has a thing or two against Tom Brady, and it seems like parents everywhere want Junior to go viral these days: Now it’s this little Einstein who knows the Pats’ roster before he knows how to tie his own shoes. We blame you, Sophia Grace Brownlee. [YouTube]

New Adult Entertainment Enters Massachusetts That’s Not a Casino. Welcome to Braintree, Dave & Buster’s, the mega-arcade/restaurant/bar where anyone under 21 must be accompanied by someone older than 25 — an even stricter age requirement than most casinos. [Patriot Ledger]

Mass. House Moves to Keep Liquor Stores Open on Dec. 26. “This is one of the quirks in the Blue Laws we never fixed,” said Jon Hurst, president of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts. What’s that, you say? Massachusetts has a slew of terrible blue laws still on the books? Been there, done that. [Salem News]